Watch_Dogs 2 Trailer Now With 100% More Dogs

Posted on 23 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

Well, this latest Watch_Dogs 2 trailer has a dude (the main antagonist) in the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose, but beggars can’t be choosers. There are also significantly more beards in attendance, which is never a bad thing. It does leave one wondering, however, if both the antagonist and his antagonist have beards…that’s, like, if Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Mister T’s punch. The universe can’t handle that amount of awesome, in one place, at the same time. There’s some stuff about a major operating system, and all the information from most of the world’s top companies going through one man, but who cares about silly stuff like that?

Watch_Dogs 2 is out November 15th, 2016 but if you need to see more just stay connected.

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