Watch Wang in Action for Over 10 Minutes

Posted on 27 Apr 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Devolved Digital release a 12 minute gameplay trailer showing off the shooting and traversal in Shadow Warrior 2. The trailer shows off some melee and projectile weapons, powers, the parkour elements as well as open-endedness of the levels as well as our protagonist Lo Wang entertaining us with some dialogue.

The game looks really good but I can’t shake the impression that, and I hate myself for saying that, there is too much gore. Enemies seem to crumble into bits rather than being torn to pieces as well as there is just too much blood. Other than that the sequel seems to be a great improvement over what already was a very good game. Can’t wait to chop some daemons again just this time with the help of some friend thanks to the magic of co-op.

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 28 Apr 2016, 00:35
Agreed. The shotgun and the sword look very underpowered. The only decent weapon seems to be the SMG's.

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Tomer S.
Posted 27 Apr 2016, 21:59
Gameplay actually looks a bit rough and not as fluent as the last game, I had higher hopes but this video sorta lowered the bar :/