Watch, Dogs at Play

Posted on 26 Oct 2016 by
L Coulsen

We have a trifecta of Watch_Dogs 2 goodies for you today. Featuring some actual, honest to peanuts dogs and the infamous Zodiac killer as a pre-order bonus! The Zodiac I mean, the dogs come with every version of the game. About time too. Now all we need is to find out that the Zodiac is actually a shiba inu with some killer dance moves and my life will be complete.

Coming November 15th, Watch_Dogs 2 features a detailed, expansive and painstakingly recreated replica of the real world San Francisco for you to ply your trade in. Which, as Marcus Holloway, means using your phone to hack (crack actually, but who’s quibbling?) anything and everything. Whether that be to mete out some street justice to the greedy corporations controlling the world, as the narrative is asking you, or just for teh lulz…we all know it’s the latter. And when we have all these options at our disposal, just think what fun can be had.

And dogs, actual dogs. On a beach, with little curled fluffy tails.


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