Wasteland 3 – Coop Trailer

Posted on 25 Aug 2020

inXile Entertainment have released a new trailer taking a look at Wasteland 3‘s campaign coop gameplay. Players won’t have to stick together either, one can take half the team and go to a completely different area while both teams choices still impact the story. Wasteland 3 is launching on 28 August 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Official Press Release

Wasteland 3 Co-Op Trailer Releases!

One can have a dream, baby. Two can make a dream so real…”

Planegg, Germany – August 24,2020

Just days before the launch of the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic squad based RPG Wasteland 3, Deep Silver and inXile Entertainment offer the chance to take an action packed sneak peek at the craziness that is Co-Op!

For the first time in the award-winning and critically acclaimed Wasteland series, Wasteland 3’s Co-Op mode gives fans an entirely new way to experience the game, and truly doubles the trouble and pairs the pleasure.

When playing co-op, your ranger squad is split up in two and you can traverse the world together, or choose to go your separate ways and join back up later. But your decisions matter and you can really screw each other over if you choose not to consult with your partner in crime. It’s easy to hop on and off too, anyone can invite others into their game, or post it in the multiplayer lobby to try to meet a new friend. You don’t have to be online together at all times either, progress can also be made alone and then picked back up together later.

Watch the video here>

EU: https://youtu.be/zB3sZoawRDk

NA: https://youtu.be/bZXn0UA5nWs

Wasteland 3 launches on 28 August for PC / PlayStation® 4/ Xbox One / Xbox Game Pass

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