War Thunder’s Music of Death, the Devil’s Symphony…

Posted on 05 May 2017 by
Lee Braden

Stalin’s Organ is making it’s way to War Thunder to help bring some music to accompany the destruction.

Officially the BM-13N launcher, and mounted on a series of trucks, with a long line of variants, the Katyusha as it was called by the Soviet troops that used her, was a very easy to produce mobile artillery piece. With a very impressive sound when fired in groups, and being easily movable to any position, fired and moved to the rear for what was a long reload.

The Katyusha is the first non-tank “No Line of Sight” launcher put into War Thunder, and having used vehicles such as the German Brummbär and even the US T34 Calliope (MRLS on top of a M4 Sherman) I can tell you it’s going to be a very difficult vehicle to master, but with the RS-132 rockets, can easily take out low tier vehicles, or light tanks.

To get your Katyusha for free, there is a challenge, head on over to the official dev blog for the tutorial on how to get it for free, and good luck, a bit of help though, the minimum range for the launcher on the BM-8 is around 200m, but the tank has very thin armour, so don’t leave yourself exposed too long.


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