War Thunder’s Italian Air Force Open to All

Posted on 14 Jul 2017 by
Lee Braden

In time for the weekend, the Italian Plane lineup is ready for everyone in War ThunderNow enough insane people have gone and tested every plane in the existing tree, it’s time for everyone to have their go at flying those strange planes. Though as with everything there will be balancing happening as more and more data comes in, but this is looking pretty good for a round of fun with learning new tactics, as I have seen it myself, some people haven’t learned how to counter some Italian planes yet. 

Also, today was the the dev blog release for the G.56 fighter, a plane that would have been sweet, if it wasn’t for the Italians changing sides during the war. There is an event where you can get skins for the G.56 to honour a big contributor to War Thunder, and not just for the Italian tree, which he worked tirelessly for. So, if you want one of the skins in honour of Marco Oculist, head on in, it’s going to be a climb if you haven’t already unlocked the G.55.

Also, a side note to this post, there is a tank event this weekend, for rank 3 tanks, which is Capture The Flag, set on a few locations, be the first team to win. It’s a balancing act, do you take a fast light tank to steal the flag quickly? Or take the one that is slower, but can take more punishment?

Official Press Release

War Thunder: Italian Air Force now available to all players

Sixth major nation successfully concludes closed testing with further vehicle additions already in the pipeline

Friday, July 14th 2017 — Gaijin Entertainment today announced that War Thunder’s Italian Air Force has successfully concluded closed testing. Initially introduced with Update 1.69 Regia Aeronautica, all regular aircraft of the game’s sixth major nation can now be unlocked by all players, with the top jet fighters; Fiat G.91 and G.91R/1 being the last to finish their trials.

Warmly welcomed by the players of War Thunder, the new Italian aircraft are now a common sight in the skies above the War Thunder battlefields. To prepare them for release, all Italian aircraft went through a closed playtest on the live servers, after which they were progressively unlocked for all players to research. Both purchasers of one of the Italian Founder packs and active players of War Thunder could participate in the testing, giving the developers invaluable feedback in the process. Today, many virtual pilots have already mastered the unique and ingenious Italian designs, which now play a major role in any air combat they participate in.

Naturally, with the end of closed testing the development of the Italian Air Force in War Thunder is all but finished. New Italian content is already in development and will reach the players of War Thunder as soon as the next major update goes live. Further information will be published in time on the official Developer’s Blog here: http://warthunder.com/devblog

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