War Thunder – Listen carefully, I shall say this only once

Posted on 20 Dec 2017 by
Lee Braden

French tanks have arrived in War Thunder, and it’s all time for vehicles to go mad speeds forwards and have heavy armour, just not so much reversing (seriously, they have slower reverse speeds than a Churchill)

The official title of this patch is “La Résistance” and the title of this news is a joke from ‘Allo ‘Allo as it is Michelle of the Resistance but this is the only joking you will have until you see how well the French tanks are when used in unison.

Starting with the very much “designed for the last war” tank we have the Renault R39 and the very odd designed FCM36 which I believe holds the trophy of being the only tank in War Thunder that can’t pen it’s own armour at 100m and leading up the modern AMX-30 model 1972 you are sure to find a fun tank to play with.

Added are various aircraft for nations such as the SB2U light bomber, Westland Whirlwind and the Yak-2 which should be a joy for anyone who wishes to try out odd aircraft.

Also added is a new mechanic for light tanks of Tier 2 and above that allows them to spot enemies and also heal any friendly on the map, not just squad mates, so now you can put manoeuvrer speed to good use.

Two new maps have appeared, one being a slightly updated version of the modern battlefield from the April Fools event, the other is that great bastion that was suppose to stop the Germans, the Maginot Line, as well as slight changes to existing maps.

As usual for a big patch, Gaijin has added in a lot, so head on over to read the notes while your game updates, and hopefully with the new auto-select camouflage system, stay hidden just long enough to finish them off before taking out a Panzer IV with your M4A4 SA50.

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