War Thunder, At Dawn Envoy Arrives, Morning of October 28th…

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Lee Braden

Not exactly, but that was the date of the start of the Greco-Italian war in WWII, and War Thunder’s next nation to be announced is the Italians.

Even though the Italians are part of the German tree right now, they will be getting their own tree, and before you worry, all current German tree Italian planes will remain where they are…but you will have to start fresh. Of course, Gaijin has announced that we will see a good range of planes, starting with the Fiat CR.32, and going through the SM.79 Sparviero and the interesting CANT Z.1007 bomber to post-war jets, assuming that ones such as the American F-86 Sabre and the Fiat G.91,which is just before the cutoff date of 1960.

As stated above, the Fiat CR.32 will be one of the first tiers, linked is the official dev blog of it, and she’s a nippy and fun little plane at the lowest tier, and if played well, could easily hold her own against the early Spitfires, and has a decent gun load out for it’s tier. So, now we have the Italians coming, there has been rumors of the French, with patch 1.69 being the big Italian push, does that mean that we will see the French get their own tree in 1.75?

However, if you want to get an early deal on a couple of Italian premium aircraft you can buy the CR.32 Late for only 10 Euro’s or the Fiat G.55S for 30 Euro’s on the Gaijin store, these come with differing premium time, a title, and some extra Golden Eagles.

Honestly, I would get the CR.32 Late, 10 Euro’s isn’t much of a price, and it’s a great introductory aircraft.

Official Press Release

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 — Gaijin Entertainment announces the impending release of a new playable nation for the vehicular combat MMOG War Thunder. Update 1.69, called ‘Regia Aeronautica’, will introduce Italy as the sixth playable nation, represented with its own vehicle tree, alongside USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and USSR. This is the first new nation to be added to the game since the launch of War Thunder.

With the addition of Japanese Ground Forces at the end of last year, all of the game’s nations are now represented with more than 800 aircraft and ground vehicles in total, early testing of Naval Forces is full steam ahead and very soon War Thunder will feature a new nation. We will add more than 20 new Italian vehicles and update the existing models, so Italy will be represented with several dozen aircraft on its launch,” says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

Italy’s initial aviation lineup consists of several dozen aircraft, ranging from the famous light and maneuverable Italian biplanes of the 1930s to post-war Jet aircraft. Among those machines is the Fiat CR.32, one of the most mass produced aircraft employed by the Regia Aeronautica at the beginning of World War II. This robust all-metal biplane can withstand serious damage and even carry bombs into combat – a feature that allows it to temporarily act as a light attack aircraft instead of a fighter, either to destroy light ground units or suppress the enemy’s anti-aircraft resistance.

Another symbol of Italy’s aviation besides the CR.32 are its famous heavy three-engine bombers, which will also be featured in War Thunder right from the start. Next to the well-known SM.79 Sparviero (the ‘Sparrowhawk’), other indigenous three-engine designs will be included, such as the CANT Z.1007bis Alcione, or ‘Kingfisher’. Although the latter was mostly overshadowed by the mass produced ‘Sparrowhawk’, it exceeded its counterpart in both speed and maneuverability and could also be equipped with a heavy 840 kg torpedo. This will make it especially useful as an attack aircraft in the coming full-scale Naval battles.

Read more about the incoming Italian machines in War Thunder’s developer diaries here.

The first Italian fighter aircraft are available for pre-order in the game’s store:

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