Wang’s out for Christmas

Posted on 21 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

The ever-joyful Flying Wild Hog studios are helping our good friend, Mr. Wang, get ready for the upcoming festivities with the new Shadow Warrior 2 Holiday Event patch

In the latest trailer above, we see Lo Wang spreading the holiday cheer among his friends… and by “spreading” I mean, arms, legs, blood, guts and other bodily organs, “Holiday Cheer” as in Christmas screams of agony… and by “friends” I mean, mutated demons spawned from the abyss, you know, the usual.

In this festive themed limited timed event, Lo Wang must gather all of the good boy’s and girl’s lost gifts from the evil demonic Santa impersonator before they wake up to an empty tree on Christmas. Battling holly-jolly demons during a blizzard with the newly added snowstorm weather system, all while kicking it to the beautiful sounds of the Japanese Jingle Bells carol sung by lovely Yamamoto Taisuke and Urawa Megumi.

To access this fun little holiday surprise mission, head on over to the Shadow Warrior 2 travel hub training grounds, just past Hideo’s shop. Also accompanying the Holiday Event patch are several fixes and tweaks to the games UI, Multiplayer, Photo mode, and various gameplay improvements.

Below you’ll find the complete patch notes for update

User Interface:

  • Added gem filtering
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Inventory to hang.
  • Added the ability to cancel conversations with “Escape” or “B Button”.
  • Fixed calculating multiline label sizes.
  • Hiding client hud after challenges added.
  • Fixed a gem crafting exploit.
  • Fixed issues with embedding elemental gems.
  • Fixed an input bug that occurs after you died during a challenge while in a menu screen.
  • Crafting restricted weapon gems has been fixed


  • Various stability fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could possibly crash your game after using explosive bolts.

Photo Mode:

  • “Lock in first person” screenshots fixed
  • Fixed “screenshot” command
  • Exposure increasing issue fixed

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Double jump improvements implemented
  • Fixed teleporting after loading bug
  • Weapon history fixes

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