Vietnam Awaits: Rising Storm 2 Released

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Kyle Johnson

Tripwire Interactive’s sequel to 2013’s Rising Storm, aptly titled “Rising Storm 2” was successfully launched on Steam. Moving away from the chaos and mud of the Pacific Theater in World War 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam places us squarely within another quagmire in the East Pacific: the Vietnam War.

With an all-new arsenal, updated graphics, bullet mechanics, music and player models, Rising Storm 2 only further cements Tripwire’s legacy as a purveyor of high-quality realistic FPS games. Rising Storm 2, like both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm before it, are multiplayer-only, and rely on tactical awareness and sound planning for a complete experience. Friendly fire is common, carefully creeping around corners and watching tight angles and alleyways is essential for survival, and the PTSD runs high in the jungles of Vietnam.

In celebration of the launch, all modes are offering double XP through June 6th. In addition, there is a 10% discount on Rising Storm 2, making the price $22.49 USD until next Thursday, the 6th.

Official Press Release


Tripwire Interactive Announces Special 10% Off Sale and Double XP Event for the First Week

ROSWELL, GA – May 30, 2017 – Tripwire Interactive is pleased today to announce the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on PC. The highly-anticipated sequel to the smash hit Rising Storm hits the Steam store at 10:00AM Pacific Time today, and though the Standard Edition will normally be available for $24.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition priced at $29.99, both editions are 10% off through June 6.

Check out the new Rising Storm 2: Vietnam launch trailer here:

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has grown out of all we’ve learned over the years in the Red Orchestra franchise. The weapons, the gameplay, the look – all coming together to generate a really immersive, visceral experience that will keep drawing people in.” said Alan Wilson, Product Director for Tripwire. “The AMG crew have all the experience of designing for asymmetric warfare from the first Rising Storm and, this time, we went through multiple beta waves to gather feedback from the players, act on that feedback and really hone the game to what the players wanted. We’ll continue to do that post-release as well, with a series of upcoming updates – new factions, new gameplay and more. As always with Tripwire, it will be free to everyone who owns the game.

In addition to the first week sale, early players of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will also be lucky enough to enjoy double XP for the first week of release. The Shake and Bake Double XP launch promotion will run through June 6 as well, and grant all owners of the game double experience points as they play during the first week of the game’s release.

At Antimatter Games we’re immensely proud of the work we’ve done on Rising Storm 2,” said Jack Hackett, Producer at Antimatter Games. “We’ve taken what we learned from the first Rising Storm and blended that with the unique opportunities that the Vietnam setting offers to create something that we think is truly special. It’s been a fun journey, and we’re grateful to Tripwire for trusting us to put a fresh spin on the series.

Of course, we couldn’t do it without the support and feedback of our fantastic community,” Hackett continued. “They’ve already helped shape the game throughout the Beta, and I can’t wait to see them take it even further with mods and custom maps after release.”

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is developed by Antimatter Games and published by Tripwire Interactive for PC.

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