Vesper – Announcement

Posted on 30 Jun 2020

Italian developers Cordens Interactive and publisher Deck13 have announced Vesper, a stealthy puzzle platformer in which you’ll play a robot with a gun that can absorb light and then release it into machinery to activate it, or into enemies to control them. Vesper is releasing some time in 2021.

Official Press Release


FRANKFURT — Deck13 Spotlight and Cordens interactive are announcing a new puzzle platformer – Vesper.

Thousands of years after the activation of the Vesper Protocol, a small android crosses a fallen world, hunted by merciless machines, to control the power of Light and decide the fate of his race.


Vesper is a new inspired take on classic-cult 90’s atmospheric platformers, with an emphasis on stealth and modern puzzle mechanics. Seven is a small android, lost in an eerie planet full of perils and traces of an ancient civilization. No powers and no ability to defeat enemies until he finds the Drive Gun, a weapon used to absorb lights, create darkness, and control minds.

Frantic chases from relentless machines force you to take decisions in the blink of an eye. Hide from your pursuers and sneak through enemy lines to reach your objective.

Use the Drive Gun to absorb light from sources and create dark spots in which you can hide. Inject absorbed light into machineries, to open portals and activate deadly traps.

Control your opponents with light and dispose of them after have exploited their abilities. Take control of your destiny, and decide the future of the Android’s race.

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