TW: Warhammer Azhag’s Ard Amrour Battle Playthrough

Posted on 29 Feb 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Today Creative Assemply, the developers of the Total War series, released a new Total War: Warhammer playthrough video of the Azhag’s Ard Amrour battle. This is a campaign battle early on in the game where Orcs and Goblins battle against three Bretonnian human armies. The greenskins take a defensive positions and stand their grown against a much stronger foe until the puny humies eventually are crushed.

Watch the new video above, read the press release below and take a look at the previous campaign gameplay video at the bottom.

Official Press Release

Total War: WARHAMMER – New Gameplay Released – Azhag’s Ard Amrour Quest Battle

Today Creative Assembly have posted brand new gameplay footage showcasing an explosive battle between legions of Orcs & Goblins against noble Bretonnia. This twelve minute Let’s Play marks the second ever in-game battle shown from the huge Fantasy strategy game due out later this year.

Following the Empire Campaign Walkthrough  released earlier this month, the new video provides a detailed, work in progress look at a set piece Quest Battle available when playing as the Greenskin Legendary Lord, Azhag the Slaughterer. It also offers an early look at some key battle mechanics such as the return of Guard mode, the use of powerful battlefield Magic and a first look at the NPC faction Bretonnia in action.

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