Total War: Warhammer Treehugging DLC ‘Let’s Play’ Showcase

Posted on 07 Dec 2016 by

As the Wood Elves are featured as The Creative Assembly’s newest race DLC for Total War: Warhammer, players might be interested in learning more about these woodland folk, their history and lore. With a grand selection of new and unique units, the Wood Elves will feature Elves alongside allies drawn from the very nature around them, trees, eagles and dragons. Fast and merciless in battle, the Wood Elves will strongly cater to those that enjoy highly mobile troops reinforced by walking trees.

Are you interested in knowing more about how the new race will fair in battle? For more information on the Wood Elves fighting prowess (or lack thereof), check out the ‘Battle Let’s Play’ above. Here, a battle between the invading Empire under the command of Volkmar the Grim and the Wood Elves defending the Oak of Ages unfolds.

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