Total War: Warhammer – Chaos Beats Us All

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Want to have an up-close look of a ridiculous-pre-launch-race-pack-DLC for Total War: Warhammer? Well, have we got a treat for you. Check out the Chaos faction in this commentated battle versus the Empire. Marvel at all the units that are locked behind a pre-launch DLC paywall, bask in the magnificence of how the industry once again milks a gullible fanbase and join in the chorus of hype that has overwhelmed the outrage of old. Once again, we stand upon the bones of crushed hopes, the ashes of dreams and must admit that once again, a developer and publisher have just sat tight and let it all blow over.

There is no denying on my part, Chaos looks sweet! I love what they have done with this faction from an artistic and gameplay standpoint. It is not beyond lore criticism of course, but a finalized product is need to evaluate those concessions. Yet, the pre-launch DLC money grab…that one will sit foul with me even if the game is good.

Official Press Release

Watch Emperor Karl Franz and the forces of the Empire join battle with the Chaos Warriors, led by the Archaeon the Everchosen!

This first-look at the Chaos Warriors showcases a range of Chaos units, from core infantry such as Chaos Marauders and Warriors, to higher-tier monstrosities such as the Chaos Giant and the brutal Hellcannon – a foul instrument which transmutes souls into flesh-searing bolts of arcane energy and hurls them into the enemy ranks.

Accompanied with developer commentary, this land battle also showcases spells from the Lore of Light and Lore of Fire as the two armies clash on the frigid plains of Norsca.

Please note that players will be able to replicate battles such as this in Total War: WARHAMMER’s Custom Battle menu, regardless of whether they own the Chaos Warriors Race Pack.

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Posted 13 Apr 2016, 20:57
I've been trying to break myself of the preorder habit, but I, too, caved for X-COM 2. Battlefleet Gothic Armada is also starting to look surprisingly good. For pre-ordering, you get access to future DLC content for free, but at least it doesn't appear to be in the game before release.

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 08 Apr 2016, 13:18
Its difficult, there are some really good games this year, with some really nice pre-order bonuses BUT they don't always come through with the final product.
I did cave in with Xcom2 and pre-order, but at least there where many reviewers and lets plays availlable to see the state of the game, I guess game preview are just going to get more and more important.