Total War: WARHAMMER – Bretonnia Released

Posted on 21 Feb 2017 by

Free for all Total War: WARHAMMER owners, the Bretonnia faction pack DLC will launch 28th of February. Adding 3 new Legendary Lords, new units and features, Bretonnia will release alongside the ‘Old World Edition’.

Bretonnia, a knightly nation of expert horse masters, should please enthusiasts of chivalry and the medieval age. While arguably the least played faction of the old table top, Bretonnia can find new fans in the digital world. Fielding a wide array of mounted knights backed up by innumerable armed and angry peasants, Bretonnia is a spiritual nation, placing their faith in ‘The Lady of the Lake’ and the Holy Grail Knights.

Total War Access members get to Bretonnia slightly earlier, unlocking them a day in advance by logging into their account from the 27th Feb.

Official Press Release

Massive Free Expansion for Total War: WARHAMMER, out next week! Early Access Available!

The award-winning Total War: WARHAMMER, gains a new playable Race next week with the arrival of Bretonnia on Feburary the 28th. Free for all players, the Bretonnia Race Pack DLC adds 3 new playable Legendary Lords, new units and unique features; offering hundreds of hours of new gameplay.

The latest in a long line of free updates, the noble knights and expendable peasants of feudal Bretonnia represent the biggest release of free content yet; and also mark the release of the ‘Old World Edition’ at selected retailers. This latest version of the game is the perfect place to start your Total War: WARHAMMER adventure, and includes the new Bretonnia and an exclusive Novella by Total War writer, Andy Hall.

Total War Access members can also get early access to Bretonnia, unlocking them 24 hours in advance by logging into their account from the 27th Feb.

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