Titanfall 2’s Live Fire Update Now…Live

Posted on 28 Feb 2017 by
David Pink

The latest in a forever-free series of updates for Respawn’s first person shooter, the Live Fire update brings balance changes, new maps, playlist updates, and more.

The complete patch notes are available here, with most of the balance changes coming to Tone and the Devotion assault rifle, with minor tweaks coming to anti-Titan secondaries. The Live Fire game mode itself pits two teams of six players against one another on tiny map, by Titanfall standards, where one team defends a flag, and another attacks. First to five rounds wins the mode, and games are hectic, fast, and a pure movement-based skill match-up.

The two new maps accentuate the mode well, providing plenty of cover and wall-running opportunities, while still giving long sight-lines to and from the objective. Live Fire also brings an update to the playlist system, where players now pick and choose from the modes they’d like to play, and are placed in appropriate games, instead of segregating the player-base as before.

New introductions for the various in-game factions add a bit more character, and it seems as though there’s been some new music tracks added as well. Titanfall 2 is out now, and by all regards, is an excellent shooter, perhaps slightly overshadowed by other high-profile releases at the time. Either way, check it out, if you have the opportunity.

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