Titanfall 2 Latest Update Adds New Mode, Maps and More!

Posted on 03 Feb 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The latest free update for Respawn’s great wall-running, robot-stomping shooter, Titanfall 2 adds in a new titan-free game mode, playlist updates, and more.

The new mode, initially previewed early in January is titled “Live Fire,” which sees teams of six pilots each having 60 seconds to capture a flag in a small, vertical map designed to showcase your movement abilities. There’s no respawns, and the mode is inspired heavily by “speedball”, a variant of paintball.

In Live Fire, the game is fundamentally about forward momentum, about attacking as defense, and being proactive. You can read more about the design process behind it here, in an interview with Griffin Dean. Will it replace the base multiplayer modes? Probably not, but it’s another nice free addition to an already great game.

Also coming in the latest update is changes to the matchmaking menu, there was a “mixtape” mode, which had a number of different modes, but not necessarily ones you wanted. Now, players select the game types they want to play, and just press a simple “play” button.

In addition, there’s a new 1v1 map coming, a new execution, and new intros for the various factions in-game. There’s no word yet on when ‘Live Fire’ is coming to Titanfall 2, but I’ll be looking to jump back in when it does.

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