Time for the Iron Harvest

Posted on 17 Aug 2017

Straight from the alternate world by Jakub Rozalski we have the game Iron Harvest, set in 1920.

The world created by Rozalski has already been used to create the boardgame Scythe (which is also on Steam if you have Tabletop Simulator) and now we have KING Art Games doing a digitial version.

Not much is known as this is an announcement, but we do know it’s going to be an RTS and will be available for consoles as well as PC but the pre-alpha footage does look very down-to-Earth than most others I have seen.

Though a lot will automatically assume there to be one enemy, who is German due to the Pickelhaube, the world by Rozalski is different, we will more likely see each of the main guys; Polish, German, British, French, Russian and maybe see more later on.

However, the only information we have is on the official website which hasn’t got much information at the moment, but it is early in the project, however you can also keep up with the Facebook page as well.

Historically though, in 1920 there was the Polish-Soviet war that basically created the Poland we knew before the invasion in 1939 by both Germany and Russia.

So, another game to add to my “Bookmark and check in a month” folder that I have, as this could very well be a nice bit of different to play along with the turn based Battletech.

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 09 Oct 2017, 00:00
So it turns out that Iron Harvest is based on a board game: Scythe.

I'll let you know at christmas how good teh game is :)