THQ Nordic Announce New Survival Game Fade to Silence

Posted on 08 Dec 2017 by
L Coulsen

Coming to Steam Early Access next week, December 14th to be precise, Fade to Silence is about surviving in a post-apocalyptic, permanent winter. But with a spattering of eldritch horror thrown in, just becase that isn’t tough enough on its own.

Some intersting points from the below press release is that developer Black Forest say they want to make the very basic, day to day realities of just finding something to eat to be a major event. Not just some tiny, gameplay aspect which will sit uncomfortably alongside a larger narrative. Instead, just the bare bones of day to day life will be the real meat of the game. Though, of course, there will be larger forces at play, and as one progresses, player character Ash will learn about the fate of the world he now inhabits.

The snow effects, shown in the above trailer, look very, very pretty, and really do help drive that sense of desperate isolation. Whilst the roaming nasty face munchers do not look, at all, like the kind of thing you want to be fucking about with. So, gotta’ admit, I’m trying, really trying, not to, but the hype, it is real.

One slightly concerning thing is the final note in the press release. People who adopt the Early Access experience straight away will receive a 10% discount to the “Fade to Black experience.” It’s probably just clunky wording, but it does sound a little bit like they’re saying we’ll get a reduced price on the final game if we buy into Early Access. It will be available for 29.99 USD/EUR or 24.99 GBP during Early Access, which is a tad concerning if that is the case. Just bear that in mind for now, and we’ll be sure to update you as we get more information.

EDIT: We contacted THQ Nordic to clarify, that’s a limited time 10% discount if you buy the game during Early Access. No definitive answer on precisely how long, but we expect it should be at least a month or so, given the time of year.

Official Press Release

Survive Against #EndlessWinter, Eldritch Monsters and Certain Madness In Black Forest Games’ Fade to Silence

Vienna/AUSTRIA, Karlstad/SWEDEN, December 8, 2017: THQ Nordic today announced character-driven, survival game Fade to Silence. Currently in development for PC and Next Generation consoles at THQ Nordic studio Black Forest Games, Fade to Silence is launching on Steam Early Access on December 14, 2017 for 29.99 USD/EUR or 24.99 GBP.

Fade to Silence:
“We have long sought to expand the THQ Nordic portfolio with a survival game that truly elevates the genre,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director, THQ Nordic. “Fade to Silence recreates the many dynamics of a harsh winter climate, delivering a new level of intensity to the survival experience. During the Early Access phase, the intense story of Fade to Silence will unfold, finally revealing what is behind the corruption the hero is fighting.” 

“We are thrilled to not only be showing Fade to Silence to the public for the first time but to invite Steam players to play the game in Early Access beginning next week,” said Adrian Goersch, Managing Director, Black Forest Games. “We intend to bring Steam players consistent and meaningful content updates throughout development, layering on new areas, followers, missions, monsters, and increasingly complex social events – events that demand moral decision-making on the part of the player. The team at Black Forest Games believes the Steam community will bring invaluable feedback to the final Fade to Silence experience.”

In Fade to Silence, players survive as Ash, a natural leader who must battle eldritch monsters and the elements in a post-apocalyptic environment blanketed in #EndlessWinter. Early Access launch will introduce players to the concept of simple mission as full expedition, whether collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building your camp or defeating horrific supernatural creatures, players will continually struggle to navigate dynamic, accumulating snow, real-time snow trails, and completely immersive weather effects such as blizzards.

Players who join Early Access now will receive a limited time, 10% discount on the Fade to Silence experience.

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