‘They Shall Not Pass’ BF1 Moves to the French Trenches

Posted on 25 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The first expansion pass for DICE’s monumental WW1 shooter sees the arrival of the French forces, four new maps, new vehicles and more. Battlefield 1, by any metric, has been doing quite well for itself, setting plenty of records for DICE and EA, and finally unseating Battlefield 4 as the most played Battlefield game (for now).

Fans have been eagerly looking forward to the first few bouts of DLC, since the French and Russian forces were left out of the retail release. With the previous release of Giant’s Shadow, we got a taste of the French battlefields to come, and now, we know a bit more about what to expect.

Entitled ‘They Shall Not Pass‘, the first expansion for Battlefield 1 introduces a variety of close, personal engagements, plus some longer, larger ones as well. From fighting amongst the artillery batteries and forest fires in Verdun Heights, to the claustrophobic annals of Fort Vaux, to the heavily armed and armored engagements of Soissons, to the ancient battlefields of Rupture, the visual prowess of the Battlefield team appears to be in full display here.

Coming with the French are the Char 2C heavy tank, and the St. Chamond assault gun for mobile vehicles, along with the Trench Raider elite class, toting brutal melee weapons and a full kit of grenades, and the Siege Howitzer stationary weapon, which operates similarly to the artillery truck.

Though it’s still a mystery as to why the French and Russian forces were not included in the base game, it’s good to see that DICE will add these historic empires in future updates. Based on player counts for Battlefield 1, PC players could use an injection of new life into the game, though console players are still going strong. We’ll have more on the release of ‘They Shall Not Pass’ when it storms the French fields this March.


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