TheHunter: Call of the Wild Catches Release Date

Posted on 23 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The latest open-world game from Avalanche Studios, best known for their work on the Just Cause series, moves away from bombastic B-movie action into something more tense and tactical: big game hunting.

Still in an open world setting, and with Expansive Worlds and astragon Entertainment assisting in development, the latest trailer takes us on a tour of expansive vistas, sun-drenched plains, and windswept mountains. Set amongst 50 square miles of hunting terrain, theHunter: Call of the Wild is the followup to Expansive Worlds’ free to play title theHunter, now with improved bullet dynamics and multiplayer features.

Releasing on PC on February 16th, theHunter: Call of the Wild doesn’t yet have a price tag, but fans of the great outdoors and hunting will want to keep their eyes on this one.

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