The Wintery Road Ahead For Battlefield 1

Posted on 07 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

With December and the release of Giant’s Shadow come and gone, DICE, and much of the gaming community is looking ahead to the next update for Battlefield 1, aiming to be a full-fledged expansion. Titled “They Shall Not Pass,” the previously released concept art showcases some tight corners and claustrophobic trench warfare typical of the French battlefields.

Just as well, because the French Army faction is going to be arriving with the first expansion, hopefully toting some new vehicles, weaponry, and aircraft as well. With a slated release date of March, DICE is hoping that a bevy of updates, including new custom games and a larger update set to arrive in February, are all able to keep the player-base entertained until the next content drop arrives.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage on one of the most successful shooters from last year.

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