The Three Pillars of Sniper Ghost Warrior

Posted on 18 Aug 2016 by
Alex Cicala

A lengthy sequence of gameplay has been released for CI Games’ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 called 3 Pillars. The video showcases the emphasis this new release has on playstyle and mission structure and use of vehicles to travel greater distances across the game world. Approaching mission areas, you will be given a brief on optional mission objectives that you can tackle. Recon tools are showcased, the drone is one of them allowing you to scout ahead on the area tagging enemies and allowing you to plan your approach.

There is a greater focus on gameplay freedom with your ability to choose from 3 major playstyles and interchange between their features. There are many choices that vary in difficulty and seem to add a ton of replayability to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The Sniper gameplay style will be focused on finding a vantage point and eliminating your target efficiently. The Ghost gameplay style focuses on stealth and interrogation with you finding your way around enemy patrols and reaching an objective or a target to eliminate with a many options to get there which means area recon will be helpful. Distractions are also featured along with moving bodies to allow player interaction with AI in the game. The more aggressive style of play, Warrior mode, will allow the player to be out in the open causing chaos within a mission. This allows for use of assault weapons, explosives and when your health gets low healing items are needed due to lack of regeneration.

The game is set for release on January 27th, in 2017

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