The Surge Shows Off its Exo-Duds

Posted on 23 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

On the surface, it may not seem like there’s all that much going on in the three The Surge screenshots we have for you today. But each of them is actually a showcase for one (or more) of the various exo-skeletons which will be available for use. Ranging from combat heavy PROTEUS of the second picture, to the industrial waste disposal LIQUIDATOR of the first, and many stages in between. Each has their own strengths and weakness, such as a small health regeneration bonus of the former and high environmental resistances for the latter.

The final pictures shows elements of the high speed LYNX, the heavy security MG GORGON and riot control BLACK CERBERUS. Which can be used as is, or as we have previously learned, be mixed and matched to player preference and for best effect as the situation requires.

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Sci-fi action RPG The Surge shows off CREO’s modular exo-armor

Deck13’s upcoming sci-fi action RPG The Surge today reveals the industrial armor sets of international corporation CREO, a company that set out to save the world. Set on a dying Earth in a not-so-distant future, something went very wrong inside CREO, and you, as a new employee find yourself trapped in a sector of the company overrun by malfunctioning drones, robots, and security personnel.

The LIQUIDATOR, featured in the first screenshot, is fitted with industrial attachments for use in areas prone to hazardous material spillage. Built around the slogan “quality protective gear for the safest workplace”, the Liquidator offers super-human resistance to radiation, fire, and toxic spills, with mobility aided by the exo-skeleton.

The second screenshot features CREO‘s PROTEUS medium physical protection armor set. An experimental set equipping certain of CREO‘s security personnel, the PROTEUS is an advanced and light-weight armor granting a small health regeneration effect. It also only needs medium core power cost allowing for a little extra juice for implants.

This last screenshot features a mix of armor sets. LYNX was developed for workers requiring speed, flexibility, and precision. Far from standard issue, few CREO workers would benefit from its inherent advancements in hydraulics. It features low core power cost, but this comes at the cost of physical and elemental protection against radiation and other environmental hazards. We also see elements of MG GORGON and BLACK CERBERUS armors, designed for heavy security and riot control actions.

Each item in The Surge serves a purpose for CREO, often originally separate to combat. Be it industrial, manufacturing, for lifting or handling hazardous materials, or on-site security, the player will cut off and equip thousands of combinations of items salvaged in battle.

The Surge will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.


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