The Lord Of The Rings Living Card Game Coming Next Year

Posted on 11 Dec 2017

The Lord Of The Rings Living Card Game is coming to PC. For those unfamiliar the physical card game it has non-randomized purchasing (e.g. no traditional booster packs where you get several random cards) and focuses on cooperative, story-based gameplay instead of head-to-head battles. The single-player card game sees you leading three heroes through story-based campaigns against the forces of Sauron.

The game will be available Q1 2018 in Early Access via Steam first as a single-player only game but will get a full release later as a free-to-play game.

Official Press Release

Asmodee Digital, Fantasy Flight Interactive to Adapt The Lord of the RingsTM: The Card Game for PC

Best-selling cooperative card game heads to PC for an immersive digital experience

ROSEVILLE, Minnesota – Dec. 9, 2017 – Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive today announced they are partnering to bring The Lord of the Rings™: The Card Game to PC, as a digitally optimized adaption of the best-selling Living Card Game® from Fantasy Flight Games.

Fantasy Flight Games revolutionized tabletop card games with the highly successful The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. As a Living Card Game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game relied on a fixed distribution of cards to remove randomness from the purchase model and brought players deeper into The Lord of the Rings universe with a focus on immersive, narrative-driven experiences. Now, Fantasy Flight Interactive brings that same philosophy to the digital card game market with The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game—a completely unique digital card game with a non-randomized approach to card purchasing and a focus on cooperative, story-based gameplay.

“The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game takes what fans love about the physical card game—adventure, lore, and a chance to play using powerful characters and artifacts—and adapts it for an entirely unique interactive experience on the PC,” said Tim Gerritsen, Head of Fantasy Flight Interactive. “For those unfamiliar with the card game, the digital adaptation invites players to become a part of the fantastical world J.R.R. Tolkien created and embark on new adventures.”

As a single-player experience, The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game tasks players with leading a team of three heroes through a series of narrative campaigns across Middle-earth as they face off against the dark forces of Sauron, controlled by the computer. Players will forge their own fellowships and build decks comprised of ally, event, and equipment cards to face challenges that test their willpower, knowledge, tactics and leadership. In the future, The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game will be expanded to support co-op play, allowing two players to bring their fellowships together and fight through quests side-by-side!

See the announcement trailer:

The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game will launch first into Early Access via Steam, as a single-player-only game in the coming months. The game will be launched as a full free-to-play release in 2018.

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