The Ghosts Head to Narco Road

Posted on 19 Apr 2017 by
L Coulsen

Yesterday marked the arrival, for Season Pass holders, of the first Ghost Recon: Wildlands expansion, Narco Road.

A new block of content that has the Ghosts infiltrating the Santa Blanca drug cartel directly, to spread disorder and bring it down from the inside. It also brings a new Uplay reward in the shape of the Pinata drone. Which makes noises and spews confetti all over the place, with the sole purpose of annoying the enemy AI.

The new missions, as the name implies, focuses heavily around vehicles. Bringing with it; race cars, monster trucks and…gold plated guns. Rios and Salem would be proud! For those not possessed of the Season Pass don’t (or do?) worry, the expansion will be made available to everyone on April 25th.


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