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Posted on 05 Apr 2016 by
Lee Braden

Nothing quite frames living in a post-apocalyptic Boston as Neon lights, spike traps, Deathclaw cage matches and fallout. Right on the heels of Automatron, you can get that and more with the new Wasteland Workshop DLC for Fallout 4 that is out on the 12th of April.

New items include some of the improved settlement building tools, grow trays and coloured lighting, as well as new power generators and medical technologies, just watch out for the loose wires. Anything else we might get we don’t know yet. Bethesda has been pretty quiet on that front, maybe we need to send round a few associates of Mr Winters.

The DLC will set you back $4.99/£3.99/€4.99/$7.95AUD or if you have the Season Pass you get this as part of it, along with many more DLC’s.

Official Press Release

With the Wasteland Workshop, design and set cages to capture live creatures – from raiders to Deathclaws! Tame them or have them face off in battle, even against your fellow settlers. The Wasteland Workshop also includes a suite of new design options for your settlements like nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more!

Expand the capabilities of settlements with Wasteland Workshop, and then in May, travel beyond the Commonwealth to Maine for Far Harbor – the largest landmass Bethesda Game Studios has ever created for post-release content.

Stay tuned for more details on even more add-ons to be released in 2016 and on free updates like the Creation Kit, which will allow you to create mods on the PC and then share and play them across all platforms, including consoles.

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