The Fall of Nosgoth

Posted on 09 Apr 2016 by
L Coulsen

The Legacy of Kain MOBA is closing down. That’s pretty much all she wrote really. It lasted the better part of three years, and came quite a long way in that time. But an announcement on the Nosgoth forum confirms all servers will close next month.

The reasons for why are not stated, but are obvious enough. There simply weren’t enough people playing/spending money on the game. Which is, sadly, not all that surprising. As a long-time fan of the Legacy of Kain franchise (my password for everything was soulreaver for more than a decade) I can empathise with the attitude of a large portion of the fanbase. This kind of thing just was but what we wanted. Though, unlike a large portion of the fanbase, I still gave it a chance. And rather liked it, truth be told, despite not being overly fond of MOBAs to begin with.

But the money has spoken. Or not, as the case may be. The net result being that all servers will cease as of May 31st, with full refunds for any purchases made after March 1st to be credited, automatically, to everyone within fourteen days. Further, all in game purchased will be disabled forthwith, though you will still be able to earn in game currency right up until shutdown.

Finally, the ESL Nosgoth tournament scheduled for next month will go ahead as planned, but there are currently no plans to return at any point in the future. With confirmation that, should they ever come to pass, future Kain titles will be independent of Nosgoth. Which is comforting to an extent. My largest fear was that Nosgoth would do so poorly it would be used as justification for the series being canned permanently.

Although, with Amy Hennig, the true heart and soul of the story, now being resident at EA, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything that recaptures the magic we knew in the bygone ages of yore. Unless…could Squeenix and EA work together to truly revive the pillars? Highly unlikely. But just as Kain himself, we still see that fragile, painful sliver of hope.

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 12 Apr 2016, 14:47
I'd much rather have a singleplayer game with a story.