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Posted on 31 Jan 2017 by
Simon Sirmenis

In what is becoming a trend, Rebellion have released a new 101 video for the upcoming Sniper Elite 4. The narrator takes us through the basics, all the way through Campaign, Combat, Enemies, Weapons and Multiplayer.

Unsurprisingly SE4 is going to be bigger and better than any previous Sniper Elite game. Due to the timing of the events, 1943’s Italy has yet to be invaded so we will experience the wold that is yet to be destroyed…most likely by us. The best part however is that it can be achieved in a company of a friend in co-op.

This time around the game is going to be much more tactical with way more tools at our disposal. No longer are you reliant on the environmental noise in order to hide your shots, use subsonic bullets for quiet eliminations. Traps, environmental hazards and much more will be your ally to victory against the Axis powers.

No longer are you reliant on doing the footwork of spotting the enemies, work with resistance or hunt officers to reveal your enemy positions. If however you are spotted, enemy this time will reign artillery on our head. Or at least try. On the bright side you can do the same to them.

What makes the fight against the Nazi army matched is your arsenal. Besides having more weapons, guns this time around will be even more customizable, allowing you to build the best tool for the job.

The fourth instalment will also feature a multiplayer mode with six maps. If that’s not for you, go play in a dedicated co-op wave-like mode against increasingly harder forces.

Sniper Elite was always a strong series. Lacked polish in some regard but more than made up with slo-mo bullet cam. Even though SE4 looks much better than previous instalments expecting the signature feature to take a backseat is silly. Slo-mo kills never get old.

Sniper Elite 4 is out in just few weeks on February 14th.

Official Press Release

With SNIPER ELITE 4 just two weeks from launch, Rebellion has released a brand new gameplay trailer profiling the highly anticipated World War 2 shooter in detail.

Captured entirely from in-game footage, this six-minute ‘101’ trailer showcases all-new gameplay from Sniper Elite 4’s extensive feature set, including:

  • An expansive campaign for 1-2 players: Explore 1943 Italy and fight alongside the brave men and women of the Resistance. Hunt down a terrifying new weapon that threatens the entire Allied fightback.
  • A deep and rewarding sniping simulation: deliver pinpoint assassinations at extreme distance, adapting to wind and gravity, and adjusting for range with scope zeroing.
  • Traverse massive environments featuring hundreds of enemies and vehicles: Find your ideal sniper’s nest, outmanoeuvre your enemies or hunt them up close. Combine suppressed weapons with deadly traps to torment enemy formations and isolate priority targets.
  • Employ a massive, personalised arsenal including iconic World War 2 rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, explosives and heavy weapons. Adapt your loadout for each mission and upgrade core attributes like scope magnification, stability, recoil, muzzle velocity and more.
  • Challenging online co-op & multiplayer modes set across six gorgeous custom-designed maps. Take on dedicated co-op modes for up to 4 players and prove your mettle across 7 competitive modes for up to 12 players.

It’s time to deploy, sniper. It’s time to liberate Italy and set the wheels in motion for victory in Europe.

SNIPER ELITE 4 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC on February 14 2017

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