tERRORbane – Releasing April

Posted on 17 Feb 2022

BitNine Studio and WhisperGames’ comedic RPG adventure tERRORbane will be releasing for PC and Switch on 1 April 2022. The game throws players into a glitchy, weird game where they can use bugs to their advantage and take on the evil developer.

Official Press Release

Become the Bane of Errors in tERRORbane, Launching on Nintendo Switch and PC April 1st

Discover bugs and glitches as you venture through levels that celebrate video game history

Forli, Italy – February 17th – Developer BitNine Studio and publisher WhisperGames invite players to exploit glorious bugs and glitches in tERRORbane, a comedic adventure releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC on April 1st (for real though, not an April Fools prank). Dive into quirky and outlandish levels filled with bugs to collect as the Developer berates and pokes players along the way.

Thought this would be another run-of-the-mill RPG with all the genre’s tropes (how many princesses have we rescued from castles by now)? Nominated for Best Original Game at the Gamescom 2021 Awards, tERRORbane tasks players with becoming the Terrorbane, savior of the world and squasher of all bugs and glitches. The Developer (who swears he’s made the best game ever, but the long list of bugs says otherwise), will be there every step of the way, providing a running commentary throughout each level.

Navigate the Developer’s clumsy design by hunting for bugs in levels that pay homage to classics like Final Fantasy I-VII, Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda. From doors that randomly disappear into your inventory, to a spontaneous DDR minigame, a variety of bugs are around every corner. Fill up a list of bugs and exploit every loophole possible!

Story image

When it comes to hunting bugs, once is never enough. In tERRORbane, the player’s choices shape the world around them. Replaying each level will lead to new characters to meet, areas to find, and even more bugs to add to the collection. Castles, dungeons, starships, and more are waiting to be explored…with a fourth-wall breaking plot holding everything together!

Features List:

  • Experience a meta-narrative adventure where you shape the story
  • Meet The Developer: a fourth-wall breaking character that acts as both a narrator and an antagonist within the game.
  • Discover hilarious bugs and glitches, which can be seen in the bug list menu
  • Relive iconic (bug-filled) moments in video game history
  • Multiple playthroughs invite you to discover as many bugs as possible and find every branching path.

tERRORbane codes its way on Nintendo Switch and PC on April 1st. Players can wishlist the game on Steam now and experience the hilarious demo. To talk with fellow “bug hunters”, join the official Discord. For more details on tERRORbane, follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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