Take a Tour of Earth’s Wastelands in Nier: Automata

Posted on 07 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

An extended cut of an earlier commentary trailer has arrived for Nier: Automata, offering 27 minute of uninterrupted gameplay.

Within, we’re given a healthy look at quest hubs, lead characters 2B and 9S, fishing with our robotic pals, uses of said robotic pals in a variety of ways, the “chip upgrade” system, where players upgrade 2B and 9S with computer chips that increase movement speed or damage resistance, mounting animals, and perhaps most interestingly of all: the Reliquary system.

Seemingly inspired by Dark Souls’s soul recovery system, players can return to spots where they’ve died, and either gain additional buffs to defeat a boss, or summon echoes of their former selves to assist as allies. All this coming from Platinum’s first partnership with Yoko Taro and his impressive madness.

Also news this week is confirmation of rumors that popped up near the end of last week regarding the status of Nier: Automata’s PC port. That is, while the Play Station 4 version of the game comes to North America on March 7th and Europe on the 10th, PC players will get access to the game on the 17th.

As mentioned before, a preorder bonus nets you a “valve” accessory + other bonuses, as seen in the image. The Steam page is up now, offering pre-orders for $59.99 USD. With exceedingly positive reviews coming out already, it’s looking as though 2017 is already a great start for video games.

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