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Posted on 17 Aug 2016 by
L Coulsen

It would be easy, and honestly not inaccurate, to call Deck13’s The SurgeLords of the Fallen with mech suits.” But at the same time, that would be doing it a great disservice. As this quarter hour of gameplay shows, there’s a lot more to it than that. Once you look past the basic presentation and scratch beneath the surface you will soon see, it’s about as accurate as calling Lords a Dark Souls clone. See, where those have light and heavy attacks, The Surge has horizontal and vertical. Putting the emphasis far more on finding a weakspot on a body, and then focusing your attention on that specific part. Such as horizontal attacks to hit an unarmoured chest, for example.

Further differences come in the way loot works. Rather than being as straightforward was kill x enemy and hope y loot drops. If you come across an opponent that has a specific item you want, such as a new helmet (as shown in the video) you’ll focus your attacks on that body part until you can decapitate them. Then take that helmet to a crafting station and build it for yourself. It gives you a lot more control over what and how you upgrade yourself. But there’s more. Bigger enemies, bosses that have multiple kill strategies that will lock out high end loot if you take the easy option, and something that really struck a cord with me. Never taking away camera control from the player!

All in all, I need this game in my life. Currently scheduled for release sometime in 2017 across all major platforms.

Official Press Release

Deck13’s upcoming sci-fi Action RPG The Surge is showcased today in a 15-minute gameplay video, demonstrating the combat mechanics and crafting integral to the core gameplay experience.

Fitted with an advanced CREO exo-suit, balancing your core power against your implants and exo-suit upgrades will allow you to specialize in a huge variety of combat styles, thanks to the almost limitless combinations of addons and dozens of make-shift weapons salvaged from the industrial complex. Finely tune your gear to match your playstyle, and to best suit the challenge ahead. The Metroidvanian levels open up as your core power increases, allowing you to over-charge doors previously too strong for your suit to damage and opening new pathways for you to explore. The CREO facility is vast, and if you want to find and craft the best equipment and weapons, you will need to search every area for secrets and hidden items.

The Surge features innovative combat mechanics, allowing you to target individual limbs and dismember the exo-suit add-on or weapon you want to acquire. Collecting tech-scrap and blueprints, you will be able to return to the Operation Center to level up and craft new exo-suit addons and weapons salvaged throughout the level. The most powerful of these can be acquired from the world’s gigantic, industrial bosses. Most of what you encounter in The Surge was never originally designed to kill you, and most of the items you loot and craft were never meant for combat. However, the combined strength of the exo-suit and near-future technology of CREO mean that anything from fork-lifting addons to laser cutters can be used as lethal weapons for diving deeper into the facility.

Find out what it takes to meld man and machine when The Surge releases in 2017.

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L Coulsen
Posted 17 Aug 2016, 14:22
Gotta' say. I was intrigued before. Now I'm fascinated. This is right up my street