Surgeon Simulator, Bringing the ER to VR

Posted on 05 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

From Bossa Studios comes the next installment into the zany world of Surgery with Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality.

No stranger to some of the most frustrating, yet hilariously fun gameplay around, the Surgeon Sim series have taken a page straight out of their own playbook. Back in April, HTC Vive owners (and crafty VR enthusiasts like myself, Android + RiftCat Vridge + Razer Hyrda) had a little dose of the Surgeon’s life with the Team Fortress 2 infused “Meet the Medic” VR experience.

Taking everything they’ve learned from that VR adventure and turning it into a brand new, fully fledged game, comes Surgeon Simulator ER. Released today, December 5th on Steam and also available on PlayStation VR, step into the shoes of the best (worse) bumbling, all thumbs walking malpractice Surgeon in all the land. Allowing the most unlikely of candidates to perform their own unsanitary surgeries from the original Surgeon Simulator, now with your own two hands in the leading VR surgical experience around.

Once again we see ol’ Bob placing his life in our hands as we snip, chop, cut and smash our way into his various gooey innards. Take the test and show Dr. House who’s the best around as you perform a brain transplant in the back of a speeding Ambulance. Why stop there? Book the next flight to Mars and bring your favorite operating tools along with you, I’m sure someone will need a heart transplant…or two.

Head on over to Steam and check yourself into intensive care, this hospital is trusting you with the patient’s welfare, don’t let their blood pressure drop to zero or you’ll find yourself on the fast track to the unemployment line.

Official Press Release

It’s finally here! Bossa Studios announces the release of Surgeon Simulator: ER, available right now on PlayStation VR and coming to HTC Vive on December 5th and Oculus Touch on December 6th!

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality transports you into some of the most unlikely and unsanitary surgeries possible, where you can perform all of you favourite procedures from the critically acclaimed original… now with your OWN TWO HANDS! This is one surgical experience you won’t forget!

About Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality
Bob’s life is in your hands in this darkly humorous VR game, taking you closer to bloody surgery than you possibly ever wanted to go! From the operating theatre, to the back of an ambulance, to outer space, your trusting patient’s welfare will be in your virtual hands.

If you’ve ever actually wanted to know what it feels like to delicately remove teeth from a patient using nothing but a subtle claw hammer, or to perform complex eye surgery in Zero-G, now is your chance (without all the added hassle of flashing blue lights, plane tickets, rushed flights and Interpol).

In addition to the original surgeries, Surgeon Simulator: ER adds exclusive new features for you to experience in VR. How about brain surgery in the dark? Fancy some new achievements? What about a 2nd hand to perform surgery?! It’s all here for you in Surgeon Simulator: ER!

Now with over 3 million ‘trained’ surgeons across the world, Surgeon Simulator has become a firm favourite with players across the globe. YOU are the doctor. Bob is the patient. His life is literally in your hands.

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