Subnautica’s Newest Update is Infectious

Posted on 02 Mar 2017 by
Lee Braden

Unknown Worlds Entertainment drops another big update to their almost horror-like underwater survival game Subnautica, with the Infected Update.

Going back to the Bones update (at least on their testing branch) we have seen weird green blotches on the local wildlife of 4645B …well, it’s now on YOU. The unknown bacterium has now infected the player character, you can watch its progress on your exposed hands, even do self scans to get more medical data, but it isn’t pretty.

Deep in the Lost River (glowing heavy saline river) the model for the Primary Research Facility has been completed, it is now able to be explored and has secrets to unlock. Also in the area is an information cache left by the people who were studying the mysterious disease and includes some interesting little bits and pieces from around 1,000 years ago.

We have a few new additions including a new mini-biome (the Crag fields) with some possibly handy materials, the ability to drag and drop items to the toolbar from the PDA and a massively improved scanner room making it practically a godsend for areas now.
Also pushing a bit further away is the new Primary Containment Facility exterior, whereas it is not possible to enter yet, it’s been added for people to find and mark for when the interior is completed.

Oh, and if you want to go down, be ready for some not so nice things that like to bump the Cyclops, and pack a few extra bottles of water and a fan, it’s a bit warm.

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