Subnautica’s Dangerous Creatures

Posted on 23 Sep 2016 by
Lee Braden

Unknown Worlds Entertainment graces us with another big patch update for their great survival game, Subnautica, making it a little more dangerous.

Starting off we have the third and final Degasi crewmembers base in the Deep Reef and the new inhabitants may not be so happy about you being there. Speaking of those new inhabitants, the Crabsquid’s now have an EMP blast that can disable any electronic system for a few seconds.

The Lost River biome has been updated with what the developers are calling “The Tree of Life” along with some new rays for the area, it may be out of direct sunlight, but it’s got a lot of beautiful things to look at. Going deeper we get to the Active Lava biome where we meet a new creature, one that is well, a little dangerous – the Sea Dragon Leviathan. This monster can easily crush the player or a Seamoth, and if angry enough can attack the Cyclops with it’s rock attack. Also in the Lava biome is the Crimson ray, similar to the Ghost one for the Lost River or the Rabbit ray up in the Safe Shallows.

Anywhere you chose to travel, you might meet another new creature that is evil – the Warper. This beast can open and close warp portals to either get away or to pull you closer to it’s scythe arms. So a lifeform best kept at distance. In smaller news, Kyanite crystals added to the Active Lava biome which is used in some P.R.A.W.N. suit upgrades. The Reinforced Dive Suit has been re-added, this will give you protection against some damage and protect you in hotter areas of up to 70 °C.

Be safe while out for a swim and watch out for those Warpers, they mean business!

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