Subnautica Power Nap Update

Posted on 02 Jun 2016 by
Lee Braden

Sleep tight and don’t like the crabsquids bite as Unknown Worlds just updated Subnautica with some new items, including beds.

Last update it was hoped that the new solar panel model would be released. It didn’t make it, but it’s in now, and looks far far better, now to get it to rotate to follow the sun.

New lifeform has been detected, classification “Sea Treader”. Known uses so far are exposing material nodes and their waste can be used to power the bio reactor, if you don’t mind the smell.

Authorisation to upgrade Seamoth torpedoes is allowed, suggested upgrade is the gas as used by the Gasopods. This should be a great way to cause hostile lifeforms to leave the area. It can be built at your upgrade console.

Battery and Powercell charger fragments have been detected. These will assist with limiting the requirement for large amounts of batteries. Be forewarned, when charging it will put a large strain on your base power system.

Also, after a long period of sleeping on double bench, a chair or just the floor, a bed has been found in one of the wrecks. It should be easy to transport back to the base in the Cyclops so you can finally get much needed rest.

There are some more hidden items such as a model of the Aurora, some minor story changes, and also an update to a zone that will be useful at the end game. Work on the Exosuit update has been going well, with luck that will be out early in July.

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