Street Fighter V’s Akuma Is Back, and He Brought Some Friends

Posted on 05 Dec 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

It’s official! The demon Akuma is the next character to be included in Street Fighter V’s roster, and this time he’s sporting an even uglier mug.

He looks like a good balance between old and new. His traditional air projectiles, dive kick, shoryu, and demon flip are all still there but his V-skill and trigger is what makes him new. His V-skill is a Ryu-style parry that connects into an upward kick launcher or long reaching palm strike, and his V-trigger lets Akuma throw two gohadokens in the air, makes them travel fullscreen from the ground, and strengthens his goshoryuken. For his critical art, he has his Third Strike energy pillar super while not V-triggered, but gets the most cinematic raging demon to date when V-triggered.

It also helps that he looks more like a demon than ever with a red lion’s mane for hair and a punched in face, though if you’re not a fan of his new looks there are three confirmed DLC costumes, including a classic costume. Not only was Akuma shown off, but his trailer showed five shadowy silhouettes and announced that more Street Fighter V DLC characters are on the way. There’s no confirmation on who these characters are yet, just speculation.

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