Street Fighter V, With Akuma Comes the Winter Update

Posted on 23 Dec 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

As you’ve probably noticed by the raging demons out there, Akuma is finally in Street Fighter V, alongside his amazing frame data and rush-down. You can check out Akuma hereor just get your face punched in a few times by him to see how fun he is, but Capcom’s Winter Update has brought all sorts of presents with it.

Firstly and most noticeably, winter costumes, Santa Zangief, and somehow even more naked Laura make their debut alongside jolly outfits for Mika, Cammy, Ken, and Juri. No new skins to cover Ken’s face or banana hair, but maybe if enough of us put it on our lists we’ll get a Christmas miracle.

New community management has been patched in too that makes all the rage-quitters play each other while pairing reliable players with each other. This’ll be paradise for some, and a repeat of League of Legend’s “ELO Hell” for others, but hey, at least we all get new icons for player profiles if we act consistently reliable, there’s that.

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David Pink
Posted 23 Dec 2016, 23:00
Gotta say, seeing Akuma again has got me a little bit interested in actually playing Street Fighter V.