Street Fighter V: Ibuki Reveal

Posted on 03 Jun 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Capcom’s high school ninja Ibuki is the newest character revealed for Street Fighter V’s character roster. Originally planned for release in the May update, Ibuki has been delayed but is likely to come out alongside the cinematic story mode in the June update.

She looks completely different from her SFIV and Third Strike forms where she wore her traditional ninja outfit, but the armored schoolgirls still has all of her kunais, mixups, and specials that you’re familiar with. Her fast dashes and mobility tools are there with a bonus air glide move now, but she’s got more firepower on her side too.

She’s been limited to six reloadable kunais which you can throw all at once or one at a time, her stylish command grab which can be comboed into and connect with airborn opponents, but the new stuff is her air throw, dragon punch, and V-trigger. While her V-skill is essentially the same palm-strike as Karen’s, her V-Skill throws out a bomb that can hit opponents on the ground and bounce them back up into the air for more comboing.

She still has her infamous 50/50 jumping cross-up and target combos from SFIV, but her infinite kunai and ninja clothing have been traded in for a new school uniform. You can expect plenty of flashy mixups from her, but don’t be expecting a retro costume anytime soon. A recent screenshot showed her alternate costume and while it was hard to tell what it is, it’s definitely not her old ninja garb.

No details on her release date yet, but she’s likely to be released to the public this month alongside the cinematic story mode. The next DLC character is predicted to be Juri Han.

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