Street Fighter V Brings Back Urien

Posted on 12 Sep 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Urien, the loinclothed fighter from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, has been known to be in Street Fighter V since Capcom originally announced the DLC characters earlier this year, and when the story mode dropped he was even briefly playable. Thankfully, Urien will be back with more clothes and playable online by the end of September according to Capcom as shown in this trailer, and he’ll have most of his tools from Third Strike with him too.

We know from playing him in the story mode that his move set is relatively unchanged from Third Strike. He’s still a charge character with metallic spheres, shoulder-tackles, headbutts, and of course Aegis Reflector, but they’ve been tweaked. Aegis Reflector is now a V-trigger instead of a super, he can throw out two instead of one, and he can use it to juggle opponents.

His new super is “Dominant Crush” which is a huge pillar of damage that surrounds him and his V-skill coats him in metal, that gives him a hit of armor on some moves like his shoulder tackle. Other less noticeable tweaks include giving him short target combos, a couple new command normals, and putting him in the tightest suit known to mankind.

There’s no confirmed release date for Urien yet, but he’s likely to come out near the end of September judging by the roughly monthly release of the other DLC characters so far and cost 100000 Fight Money or $6.

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David Pink
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 13:49
I was a huge Street Fighter fan back in the day of Arcades, SNES and PSX, but since then, I haven't touched them, the last fighting series I played quite a bit of was Dead or Alive on Xbox, Soul Calibur on Dreamcast and Tekken on PS2... not sure why I stopped loving fighting games... anyone here play this? Should I install this and give it a go? Does it have a campaign or fun extra modes, or is it just a straight up 1 v 1 fighter that requires playing against folks online to have fun?