Stellaris: Leviathans Feature Spotlight

Posted on 17 Oct 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

With the release of Stellaris first story pack, Leviathans, just days away (20th Oct), Paradox have release a feature spotlight, explaining just what to expect in terms of new and expanded features.

It’s worth remembering that the simultaneous release of the free Heinlein expansion, will cover different mechanics areas to the DLC. Largely focusing on existing features Heinlein offers improvements to all players with improved sector AI, re-worked combat mechanics (more rock paper scissors focus) improved diplomacy and much more.

Leviathans will be adding many new mid to end-game features that will develop a storyline and keep gameplay challenging and exciting right to the end. Some of the things to expect in Leviathans are: Guardians (ancient, unique and huge aliens), Enclaves (habitats that house advanced races who may be willing to trade with you) and finally the “War In Heaven”, an addition to the mechanics of the existing fallen empires. When triggered, this war will encompass the entire galaxy, leaving you with important choices of which side to join, or whether to attempt to stay neutral or even gather your own alliance to battle these behemoths. Experienced Stellaris players know that a number of secret events may take place towards the end of a normal game, it’s interesting to note that various events may distract the fallen empires from their war, and can be used to your advantage.

The full list of changes for the patch and DLC can be seen here.

Official Press Release

Stockholm – 17th October, 2016 – Paradox Interactive today released a new feature spotlight video outlining some of the upcoming features that players can expect with the release of Leviathans on the 20th October.  Stellaris Game Director Martin Anward talks us through the mysterious and formidable Guardians, reclusive Enclaves, and the potentially world-shattering War in Heaven.

Also, starting today players are able to pre-order their copy of Stellaris: Leviathans exclusively from the Paradox Interactive store here.

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