Stellaris Has Some Stellar Boots to Fill

Posted on 11 Apr 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Space based 4X games have been getting a lot more attention lately, as in the last four years a number of indie companies have been doing a brisk trade in this forgotten genre. Now in 2016, we are seeing some of the larger publisher take an interest in this reawakened gaming niche. Wargaming have arguably been grabbing the most headlines with their reboot of the classic Master of Orion, however Paradox could be the black horse in this race. Paradox, may not have the same dollar backing for their game, and may not have the same ready-made fanatical fan base that comes with rebooting a classic, but unlike Wargaming, Paradox are proven masters of strategy, with their historical 4X game Crusader Kings II having a list of awards longer than this sentence.

Master of Orion is available now in Early Access, and may be staying there for another 1-2 months. Stellaris has been developed in a closed beta, and will be released fully on Steam from Monday the 9th of May.

For more details of Paradox’s design philosophy, see part one of their development diary above, read the press release below and check out the game trailer under that.

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM —  April 8th, 2016 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games with universal appeal, today released a “Developer Diary” video for Stellaris, the forthcoming sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.

Stellaris, which challenges players to explore a new universe and establish an empire across the stars, breaks from the traditionally historical settings of the Paradox catalog. In the new video, the lead creators of Stellaris discuss the challenges of exploring a new genre, and elaborate on the methods used to evoke new experiences for players. Stellaris will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on May 9, 2016.

Stellaris is the new science fiction strategy game from Paradox Development Studio, the creators of Crusader KingsEuropa Universalis and Hearts of Iron. This will be the first strategy game from PDS that is rooted not in the past, but the future, as you guide a species of your design to power and glory in the depths of space. With randomly created opponents and procedurally generated star systems, no two games can ever play out the same way.

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