Starpoint Gemini Warlords Newest Mode, Modding and Prizes

Posted on 19 Nov 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

This week has seen some grand developments for this ambitious multi genre title. Little Green Men Games have just released the 0.700 update. This includes (along with an array of fixes, additions and balance changes) the addition of Steam Workshop modding for the early access title, and a brand new game mode known as the Gladiatrix Arena.

On top of these great additions, ModDB have announced a competition with over $5000 worth of prizes ($5000 between six winners plus many extras), to find the best the modding community can make for this outstanding game. If you enjoy making spaceships or any other kind of modding, then now’s your chance to really show off!

I think this is a great idea personally; there are some great modders and they deserve a chance to get something back for their work. Warlords is set in a huge galaxy that doesn’t rely on procedural generation to give you new exciting content. As such, it is a game that will benefit from as much custom content as possible, let’s hope that the Warlord Workshop really takes off.

Official Press Release

Haarlem, The Netherlands – November 17th, 2016 –   Little Green Men Games and Iceberg Interactive are excited to announce several major events happening with their acclaimed Starpoint Gemini series:

  • Steam Workshop is now available for Early Access title Starpoint Gemini Warlords (PC) offering full modding support to the community. With the addition of Workshop comes the massive Update v.0700, including many fixes, additions, perk changes, tweaks and modding, as well as a brand new Gladiatrix Arena. For a full list of changes please visit the official Steam Hub: LINK
  • To celebrate the Workshop launch, the entire Starpoint Gemini franchise is on a massive Steam discount promotion, from today until November 21st, with discounts varying from 80% for the original Starpoint Gemini and bestselling sequel Starpoint Gemini 2, to 30% off the stunning latest iteration, Starpoint Gemini Warlords (Early Access).
  • Dedicated mod website has today launched a grand contest for Starpoint Gemini Warlords, with prizes ranging from a $5,000 cash prize, to awesome gaming gear (sponsored by peripherals manufacturer Roccat™), as well as many other prizes. The contest is now running on the website and ends December 22nd, 2016. Enthusiastic modders wishing to enter can find more information on the official contest page:

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