StarDrive 2 Upgrades to Turn Based in the New DLC

Posted on 09 Mar 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

StarDrive 2, the 4X that pits Space Bears against Cthulhu worshipping Squids, has just had a new piece of DLC released: Sector Zero. It enables players to embark on their voyage of empire building using turn based mechanics instead of real time simultaneous simulation.

Along with tb strategy, Sector Zero adds a number of other features. The addition of new victory conditions along with turn based gameplay, are two of the most requested features by fans since the game was released. The ground combat improvements should also please many as this was a notorious weak area of the game.

For more info and details check out the press release below.

Disclaimer: I’ve been an alpha tester for StarDrive and a moderator on its forum for a few years now.

Official Press Release

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 08 March 2016 –  Developer Zero Sum Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive are happy to release the first official DLC to their turn-based 4x space-strategy title StarDrive 2 (PC/Mac/Linux). Sector Zero will expand the StarDrive 2 universe and gameplay grandly and adds a new set of features and additions.  A release trailer is created to show some first footage of the changes and additions to this brand new DLC.

Some of the major changes in the Sector Zero DLC include: The galaxy is divided into a new Hex-tile Strategy map, there are three new ways to win the game, dozens of new quests, anomalies, technologies and events. The ground combat received a major overhaul and new Deep Space Construction Mechanics have been added. Moreover, UI and AI are improved and there are more options for your Galaxy Size.

Daniel DiCicco, Developer of StarDrive 2 and Sector Zero DLC says: “We are thrilled to launch our first full-featured expansion pack. I know players new and old will be delighted with the many new features and changes in Sector Zero

With the release of Sector Zero, publisher Iceberg Interactive is offering a massive 75% discount on StarDrive 2 in Steam’s Daily Deal Simultaneously, the main game received a major patch today. Read the full changelog in the Steam Hub HERE.

More information on StarDrive 2 and Sector Zero DLC visit or check out the Sector Zero DLC page on Steam


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