Star Wars Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault Trailer Breakdown

Posted on 21 Aug 2017 by
Jay Shaw

Lets begin by all generously pointing and laughing at the “gameplay” trailer like it’s the unpopular kid with its pants down. There’s less gameplay in that minute and a half than my right nut but the trailer is marked as in-engine footage so there may be some hints as to what we might expect in the finished product, namely locations and vehicles. Lets dive in for a quick look.

The trailer opens with a Resurgent Star Destroyer under attack from X-Wings, we briefly see classic TIE Fighters as well as the TIE/IN Interceptor too. The trailer then jumps to the forest moon of Endor and the accompanying debris of the Death Star and again jumps quickly to the Imperial Shipyard over Fondor where we get a look at the Millennium Falcon, Y-Wing, and what looks like a Star Destroyer crashing into one of the massive weapon emplacements on the shipyard.

Cut to the next scene and we’re at Ryloth and a Lucrehulk Battleship, a Trade Federation ship, where we see the more modern X-Wing style ARC-170 (as piloted by Poe Dameron in Episode 7) design alongside more Y-Wings. There’s also a brief shot near the beginning of a ship that’s hard to identify but looks similar in shape to the Jedi Starfighter but with stubby little vertical wings. A few seconds later we’re treated to what looks like a Droid Vulture Starfighter being shot down. In this section we also see one of the unidentified starfighters cloaking.

Cut yet again to the watery planet Kamino and a ship uncloaking with Darth Maul at the helm. This ship seems to be his Scimitar, a modified courier ship with six (SIX!) lasers, at least in the lore. We also get to see Yoda in the cockpit here, piloting a distinctly Imperial designed ship which could be an Eta-2 Jedi Interceptor. It’s also worth noting that the Vultures and early model Y-Wing ships are also present as well as an unidentified dropship on the landing pad and a Star Destroyer obscured by clouds.

And that’s it sadly, there’s no real gameplay or anything really new to see but if what’s shown in the trailer is all in the game then the Starfighter Assault mode looks like it should be a decent romp.

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