Star Citizen Free Fly for Gamescom

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 by
Lee Braden

As we head towards 4 years of development in Star Citizen and with Gamescom going on, CIG opens up for another free flight event. Pilot almost anything that is in game, more ships are available, mostly smaller craft though. The subreddit made a very handy guide for people to use. It is well worth a read if you haven’t touched Star Citizen at all, or only dabbled a bit when the Hangar module was released.

There will be a big patch released soon. This will add another big station, some new spaceships, some changes to outfit selling locations and ways of getting guns, new lighting and various fixes.

There is supposedly a big announcement on the way for something big in Star Citizen. We don’t know what it is, it could be the announcement of patch 2.5 with the stuff listed above, or it could be the date for the first episode of the single player part Squadron 42.

Also during Gamescom we have live streams in the afternoon for about 3 hours on the Star Citizen twitch channel, along with giveaways of starter packs and occasionally bigger ships that are up to 5 crew. Check that out if you fancy.

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