Soul Reaper – Announcement

Posted on 14 Nov 2019

Power Level Studios have announced Soul Reaper, currently available in open beta, a new take on monster catching RPGs where you capture souls from defeated monsters and can either add them to your squad, sell them for loot or XP, or fuse them with equipment. Check out the open beta trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

My name is Brandon, and I’m currently part of a dedicated team looking to strike the happy medium between classic and modern day RPGs. Power Level Studios is aiming to take the best of both worlds with Soul Reaper, a game inspired by traditional JRPGs with several twists of flavor from the new century. I understand that you’re no strangers to the indie landscape, and I wanted to see if a game like this might be up your alley!

As the name might imply, souls are the driving force behind a player’s actions. Instead of a conventional currency, everything purchased or gained revolves around the trade or transformation of souls! Souls collected from defeated monsters can be added to your combat squad, exchanged for loot, sacrificed for EXP, or even combined with equipment. With over 80 available creatures to encounter, players can allocate their souls as they deem fit, and forge teams that will carry them through to victory!

Soul Reaper is currently available for free in the form of an Open Beta, with an Early Access launch on Steam planned for February. We have a trailer showcasing what players can expect, and we’re taking feedback via our Community Forum as we continue to improve the game’s experience.

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