SF V’s Halloween Costumes, Stage and Secret Alterations

Posted on 15 Oct 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

In the same way that you can hold buttons to burn off Urien’s clothes to get classic Urien, you’re now able to hold K + LP + MP + HP and UP on the control stick while the match loads to alter devil Juri, frankenstein Nash, samurai Ryu, and the other character-specific Halloween costumes in Street Fighter V. The costumes are out right now for $3.99, and the spooky Halloween stage is going for $1.99 or 4000 fight money. While the costumes aren’t available for every character (7/22 characters have costumes), it seems that fan-favorite characters were given priority.

If you’re not sure if the costumes or stage are worth your money, check them out in action here. They look pretty good, and even after Halloween you can always use vampire Alex or werewolf Necalli to remember Darkstalkers.

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