See the Carnage in Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Posted on 06 Sep 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Torn Banner have been busy showing off Mirage: Arcane Warfare at PAX West. They released a bloody long gameplay trailer to those who aren’t that fortunate and can’t participate. The Chivalry developer had two maps and five classes on display, where they duke it out with lots of blood and gore, and a little sprinkle of magic. Seriously, this has to be one of the most entertaining things to watch, people skilfully mowing each other down, getting soaked in blood while body parts flying all over the place, all the while hilariously taunting each other in and out of context during combat.

Give it a watch, if you think that you can do better, prove it when Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed alpha begins this September, with the full release at some point in 2017.

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David Pink
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 16:44
I'm not a massive fan of online multiplayer competetive gaming but... this looks pretty fun, hmmmm I wonder if anyone else will grab this, I might just have to myself.