Section 9 Infiltrates a Full Release Date

Posted on 18 Jul 2017 by
L Coulsen

The free-to-Play online shooter based on Production IG’s Ghost in the Shell franchise, is now ready to go live. Well, Bringing with it a few changes from the Beta version. The biggest of them being sorting characters into class types, which comes with some tweaks to their stats, such as giving Assault-types increased HP. There’s a full list of all the changes below, but there’s one that I want to point out, and that’s the arrival of new Section 9 operative.

Azuma is one of the lesser known characters, his Wikia page consisting of, pretty much, “yeah, this dude’s in Ghost in the Shell yo!” but there’s so much more to him than that. He needs… he deserves, nee, Azuma demands more attention! Because… he has a cybernetic nose… yes, that’s right, he can smell stuff, and he can smell it really, really good, ’cause who doesn’t want a schnauzer that would put a bloodhound to shame?!

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online is now available on the Steam store at a dizzying price of a cool “absolute nothing”. For the complete changelog of today’s launch update, look no further than below, enjoy!

Official Press Release

Live Epic “The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” Action with Nexon’s First Assault: The Future is Now; Renewal

New and experienced FPS players enter a dark near-future universe based on The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV series for refined blockbuster multiplayer mayhem

LOS ANGELES – July 18, 2017 – Enlist today as a member of Section 9, the elite tactical unit in First Assault: The Future is Now; Renewal, the bigger, faster, and stronger new episode for Nexon America and Neople’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. The team-based first-person shooter pits allied squads of augmented soldiers against teams of deadly terrorists on the streets of a gritty cyberpunk world.

First Assault’s biggest episode includes a ton of new features, such as new Section 9 Operatives, solidified Operative classes, numerous gameplay changes, epic new maps, and more. FA: The Future is Now; Renewal and all gameplay upgrades are now live.

First Assault’s gameplay upgrades are a direct result of the countless hours our dedicated player community poured into the game,” Nexon America VP of Marketing and Communications Vlad Coho said. “Experienced players will dig the new maps, the gameplay changes, and the new features, many of which are a result of player feedback. And for new players, there’s never been a better time to give First Assault a try – the game has never looked or played better than right now.

The list of updates includes:

  • Solidified Operative Classes – All Operatives now fall under three unique classes: Assault, Infiltrator, and Specialist. Assault class Operatives take advantage of higher hit and armor points. Infiltrators sacrifice durability for increased sprint speeds and slide mechanics. The Specialist is a key support Operative with unique special abilities to assist teammates, including a powerful down-jump to traverse difficult terrain.
  • New Section 9 Operatives – Advanced new Operatives including the battle-hardened Azuma (Assault), brainiac cyberwarfare expert Reiko (Infiltrator), and former CIA Special Agent Sitara (Specialist) join the fray.
  • Operative 2.0 – All original Section 9 Operatives have undergone major and minor balancing tweaks to either their special abilities, gameplay stats or class assignment.
  • Innovative Gameplay and Modes – New gameplay changes include re-sequenced default ability bindings, weapons reclassing, and more. New players will unlock fan-favorite Operative Borma, and other free Operatives will rotate for all players every two weeks. The frantic new Elimination mode combines team intuitive deathmatch with strategic round-based combat. The first team to win six rounds takes the game. Elimination can be played on Port, Dubbing Site and Urban City.
  • Epic New Maps – The new Electronics Center map is the information hub in Japan’s most important network node. The high-profile data that is routed through the facility makes it a juicy target for terrorists. The map provides players open areas outside the center and inside the lobby, as well as close quarters combat rooms and hallways as players make their way inside. The map will feature Team Deathmatch and Demolition modes. Additionally, the Cyber Ward and Downtown Dejima maps have received texture and gameplay balance advancements.
  • User Interface Overhaul – The game interface has been upgraded to optimize the player experience and player flow.
  • Skins Galore – Players have access new stickers, name cards, emblems and 39 new Operative and weapons skins.
  • DLC – Some DLC has been retired from the shop to make room for new DLC. Click here for more information.

First Assault: The Future is Now; Renewal is available now on Steam and the Nexon Launcher for Windows PC. Join the fray today!


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